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So our objective this month is to enlighten our customers to what we are up to each month or new things in the automotive industry that are changing the way we do business with our customers, Each topic should prove to be interesting and informative keeping you up to date on many things. 

So here we go!....

  So the latest thing to hit the market is the "connectivity dongle"  it is a small unit that is plugged into the DLC (data port) connector under the dash of your car, then you obtain an "app" on your phone and then are communicating with your car, it will send you bits of information on the diagnostic state of your car and alerting you to the check engine light and the subsequent codes as to why the light came on and the possible causes and parts to replace, which can help save you time and money, and also can cause you much grief if you don't know what you're doing or replacing, since it be something else (bad wiring or computer, software update etc).

 Which is why we are in business, we go to school, spend large amounts money on training and tools and have the necessary background to make the correct diagnosis and change or repair the part correctly and at the same time providing you, the customer with a warranty that usually​ covers the part and the labor to fix it should in the unlikely event the part fails, within a specific amount of time. 

  So I guess the point I'm making is, it at first might seem like a "cool thing" to get (the DLC dongle) I think it just serves as another "distraction" in our lives, unless of course you are a "gearhead" and that sort of thing is something you have to have, (I get it as I am a "gearhead" at heart.) But again that's what we are here for, educated, experienced, master certified, and happy to help you in any of your automotive needs.... Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

Thanks again to all our current and previous customers and thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve you to all our NEW customers.


May, 2017

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